Four Reasons Why We Sweep

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Debris free public spaces, clean streets, and beautiful neighborhoods are but one small portion of the reason why your local street sweeping professionals deserve the utmost respect.

Street sweeping means much more than removing dirt and debris. Sweeping does a great deal to protect water resources, help with flood prevention, and remove pollution that could negatively impact the health and well-being of our entire community.

1. Sweeping Improves The Environment
Visualize how awful your city would look if no one picked up litter, debris and trash. Terrible. Your pets could be picking up and bringing back all sorts of disgusting pieces of refuse.

In a world with no street sweeping, neighborhoods would be unsightly and less healthy. Street sweepers remove unsightly debris and litter and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have best practices and regulations in place that give guidance to street sweepers regarding the collection and disposal of all types of potentially harmful debris, trash and litter to help protect the community.

2. Property Values
Among the most visible benefits of street sweeping in the community is enhancing the value of real estate. A cleaner street results in better curb appeal, which can impact property values significantly.

3. Community Action Street sweeping companies provide essential jobs for tens of thousands throughout our nation. Everyone has to do their part to keep a city or neighborhood beautiful and clean. Street sweepers make a tremendous contribution to this effort, and the results are easily seen.

When you encounter a Street Sweeper operator, thank them from a safe distance for their contribution to a cleaner, nicer, and safer world.

4. Vehicle/Pedestrian Safety
Safety is of the utmost concern for all. Enhanced safety is one very important aspect of municipal cleaning. Debris in street gutters are a common contributing factor to accidents involving loss of traction. This is a serious issue with cyclists and bikers. Less debris means fewer skids, and less accidents overall.


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