Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Street Sweeping in Urban Areas

Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Street Sweeping in Urban Areas

Living in a high-energy, busy city can create lasting memories for visitors, residents, and everyone in between. However, unmanaged, dirty streets can leave a negative impression on anyone. Learn about the hidden dangers of neglected urban area street sweeping.

Sewer System Risks

Many urban areas rely on sand and salt during the colder months to manage snow and ice accumulation. However, without the necessary street sweeping services, salt and sand can eventually flow into sewer systems after the first rainfall. Furthermore, the sand and salt swept into lakes and rivers can change the water quality and negatively affect aquatic life.

Street sweeping services help to remove small debris and safely dispose of it without impacting the environment. Street sweeping trucks are equipped with water spraying systems, making it easier for broom bristles to pick up debris. As the bristles move over the road, another set of broom bristles pick up debris. After sweeping, the truck dumps the litter in a waste management truck, making disposal safe and easy.

Excessive Road Debris

Drivers, pedestrians, and animals can leave behind various types of debris over time. Street sweeping neglect in urban areas can result in an unappealing impression on passersby and tourists. Thankfully, street sweeping can show visitors that the city gets the care it deserves to make it more appealing to visit and live in.

Vehicles often leave behind sand, salt, dirt, and natural debris that sticks in tire treads. Routine city road maintenance leaves a positive impression on visitors and residents alike. Street sweepers who offer leaf and litter removal can maintain a beautiful city.

Trash Accumulation

The last thing drivers, pedestrians, and tourists want to see is garbage littering the streets. It’s an unpleasant sight and can also emit strong odors. Furthermore, excess trash can increase risks of habitat contamination, harm wildlife and human environments, and increase bacterial growth.

Street sweeping can eliminate trash. The service providers will safely remove it from the environment and dispose of it in an appropriate location. Scheduling routine street sweeping improves visual aesthetics and living quality in any city.

CPM Sweeping specializes in public street sweeping for commercial and industrial areas. Our professional parking garage sweeping services reduce oil leads, dust, wear and tear, and other debris from becoming excessive. Our services leave behind happy visitors, employees, and residents by maintaining a professional-looking environment. If you have questions about our sweeping services, contact us today.


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