Every Day Is Earth Day For Sweeping Companies.

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April is the start of warmer weather and many more blooming plants in the landscape. There are a few important observances in April, including Earth Day, which is April 22nd this year.

Earth Day is a very special observance in the power pavement sweeping industry, because we are mindful of the positive effect of our regular power sweeping activities on the local environment.

Paved surfaces such as parking lots are notorious for collecting litter and debris of all kinds. This is really only the visible layer of a much more serious issue. Your pavement can also collect particulates and hydrocarbon based substances such as gas and oil, along with other pollutants.

The issue is that ultimately these pollutants, along with the trash, debris, and litter will find their way into local waterways through the storm sewer system every time it rains. This means litter and pollutants are carries into local waterways. These local tributaries often flow into creeks and rivers, which ultimately flow into our oceans. Regular power sweeping helps break the cycle by removing litter, debris, particles and pollutants.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new issue has arisen-discarded PPE. Every shift our operators work, they are now seeing and sweeping up unimaginable numbers of masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizer wipes in the parking lots we are servicing.

In the power sweeping industry, we passionately believe that nothing but rain should go down a storm drain. For more information, contact CP Maintenance today!


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