It’s Almost Time For Spring Cleaning!

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Look no further than CP Maintenance! We offer a multitude of services that are the ideal answer for your outdoor cleaning needs. Your parking lots and driveways no longer need to remain cluttered by leftover litter, debris, sand, and gravel from winter’s inclement weather.  Our services can help you clean up and keep your facility cleaner this spring!

Looking for the best practice to maintain the paved surfaces of your facility? 

Dust and noise are not a significant factor when our sweeper trucks are put to work on your pavement. Modern sweeping equipment is quieter and manages dust better than ever. At CP Maintenance, our state of the art sweepers and well trained sweeper operators will provide your business with a clean sweep, leaving a positive first impression of cleanliness with visitors to your facility.

Sweeping also has a measurable environmental benefit. Regular power sweeping ensures that litter, debris, metal shavings, and hydrocarbons do not get washed into local waterways via storm drains when it rains.

Spring cleaning starts with CP Maintenance! Call us today!


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