Less Apparent Benefits Of Road Sweeping

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Most people believe that the only purpose of road sweeping is to remove dirt, debris and leaves from a street or other paved surface. While litter and debris removal is very important, the purpose and benefits of street sweeping go well beyond simple cleanliness.

The Benefits of Road Sweeping

The overall benefits of road sweeping can easily be divided into three simple categories that benefit the overall community. Here are some examples.


The overall health of a community is extremely important. Whether it is the water we drink, the food we consume, or the air we breathe, good health is a primary component of any local community.

  • Hazardous material – One very important way road sweeping helps improve the health of our community is through removing harmful or hazardous materials from our roads and streets. These harmful materials can include heavy metals, organic pollution, harmful nutrients, chemicals, and so much more. It is estimated that approximately 1,100-2,100 tons of material is swept up annually per street acre. 
  • Environment – It isn’t commonly known, but one significant benefit of road sweeping stems from the removal of harmful metals and pollutants from roadways that can enter our air and water supplies. In these ways, sweeping helps preserve the environment in our communities. 


Improved safety is of the highest value in any community. Road sweeping results in improved safety in our communities and neighborhoods. 

  • Public safety – Public safety should always be of the highest concern for all local residents as well as drivers traveling through and people visiting our community. Sweepers remove roadside debris, which improves street safety and reduces the rate of vehicle accidents.
  • Runners, Pedestrians & Cyclists– The presence of debris on streets or paved paths is a real hazard. If not swept away regularly, these items can become obstacles and slip or trip hazards for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists. Regular sweeping prevents these unnecessary accidents and injuries.  


Road sweeping is often viewed as a short term solution for debris and litter on paved surfaces. When one takes a step back and looks at a longer term view, it is easy to see that road sweeping plays an important part in the preservation of our pavement and wildlife. 

  • Pavement protection – Road sweeping is about protecting and preserving your pavement investment for the future. A regular sweeping schedule on all paved surfaces will help remove debris that wears out pavement and significantly extend the life of your pavement investment, saving you money over the long term.
  • Wildlife preservation – Regrettably, the United States has one of the highest average rates of trash and litter per person. Road sweeping eliminates plastic litter that could end up harming local wildlife. 

Simply by encouraging your local community to partner with a trustworthy sweeping partner, you can help measurably improve the health, safety, and preservation of your own community.

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