Street Sweeping Basics: What Makes a Street Clean?

Street Sweeping Basics: What Makes a Street Clean?

As an industrial or commercial building owner, you understand the importance of keeping your property clean and well maintained. However, have you ever considered the impact of street cleanliness on your business? A clean street can make your property look more attractive and contribute to the health and safety of your employees and customers. Come along and dive into the basics of street sweeping and what makes a street clean.

What Is Street Sweeping?

Street sweeping is the process of cleaning streets, usually by using a specialized machine that removes dirt, debris, and other materials from the roadway surface. The machine uses a combination of brushes, water, and vacuum suction to sweep up and collect the debris, leaving a clean and safe surface behind.

Why Is Street Sweeping Important?

Street sweeping plays a necessary role in maintaining public health and safety. A dirty and debris-filled street and parking lot can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and pests. It poses a significant threat to human health.

Debris like leaves, twigs, and loose gravel can obstruct stormwater systems and cause flooding during heavy rainfall. In addition to safety concerns, street sweeping contributes to a cleaner and more attractive community, increasing property values and promoting economic growth.

What Makes a Street Clean?

A clean street and parking lot are free from pollutants. The absence of these materials makes the roadway safer and more aesthetically pleasing. It contributes to environmental and public health by reducing air pollution, controlling runoff, and improving sanitation.

Street cleanliness is often measured by the amount of debris on the road surface, with lower levels indicating a cleaner street.

How Often Should Streets Be Swept?

The frequency of street sweeping depends on various factors, including the location, size, and level of traffic on the roadway. High-traffic areas like central business districts and arterial roads require more frequent sweeping than low-traffic residential streets. Streets and lots near parks and other green areas may require additional maintenance because of falling leaves and other debris.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Street Sweeping Service

While some cities and municipalities offer street cleaning services, many commercial and industrial building owners hire professional services. These industrial sweeping services provide a range of benefits, including customized cleaning schedules, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced technicians.

A clean street improves the neighborhood’s aesthetics and provides environmental and public health benefits. Knowing these street sweeping basics is important, so take the necessary steps to keep your property and the surrounding streets clean and neat. Consider hiring a professional street sweeping service to ensure your property and community remain safe and attractive.


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