A Quick Overview of the Different Kinds of Street Sweepers

A Quick Overview of the Different Kinds of Street Sweepers

Street sweepers are vital for keeping the streets clean and maintaining the beauty and hygiene of public spaces. Do you know about the different kinds of street sweepers? Each type has unique features, benefits, and limitations. Continue reading this quick overview of the different kinds of street sweepers.

Mechanical Street Sweepers

Mechanical street sweepers are the most common type in urban areas. They have a mechanical broom that sweeps debris and trash onto a conveyor belt that deposits it into a collection hopper. These street sweepers are best for picking up large debris like gravel and leaves, which a vacuum sweeper would struggle to pick up. They are also ideal at construction sites, where waste sometimes spreads to the road.

Vacuum Street Sweepers

Vacuum street sweepers operate differently from mechanical street sweepers. They utilize a large fan on the sweeper’s head that sucks up debris into the waste hopper as it moves along the street. These machines are ideal for picking up small debris that mechanical sweepers might miss. Since vacuum street sweepers do not use water to clean, they are ideal in areas with strict water conservation measures.

Regenerative Air Street Sweepers

Regenerative air street sweepers are combinations of mechanical and vacuum sweepers. The main difference is that a large air compressor powers the suction process. Spinning brushes follow the head and push larger debris toward the intake area, where it goes into a collection hopper. The compressed air cleans the area around the brushes. This machine also deals with dust that escapes the vacuum, making it ideal for areas covered with drywall dust and large construction sites.

Flat Floor Sweepers

Flat floor sweepers are unique in that they operate in enclosed spaces, such as parking lots, garages, and industrial facilities. They have a flat surface on the front end for brushing and suctioning industrial debris from flat surfaces like warehouse floors. These units do the work of many janitorial and cleaning staff.

Hydraulic Broom Street Sweepers

Hydraulic broom street sweepers remove sand and other abrasive materials from the ground. They have a series of brooms mounted on a hydraulic arm that pivots and tilts to access hard-to-reach places. These sweepers are ideal for cleaning areas with both hard surfaces and gravel, like parking lots, construction sites, and airport runways.

Whether you’re in charge of cleaning driveways, parking lots, or airport hangars, understanding the different kinds of street sweepers gives all the necessary information to choose the right street cleaning services for the job. It will make a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of roads, lots, and facility floors.


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