How Street Sweeping Enhances Milling and Paving Projects

How Street Sweeping Enhances Milling and Paving Projects

Street sweeping does more than clean paved roads. It also facilitates milling and paving projects by helping them run smoothly. Read on to discover how street sweeping services can benefit milling and paving projects.

Keeps the Project Area Clean

Milling and paving projects generate a lot of debris that can compromise the quality of the project. Street sweeping services remove these materials to create a safe working environment by reducing the chances of slips, falls, or accidents. It also ensures the surrounding area is clean and safe for pedestrians.

Prevents Spread of Contaminants

Dust and debris are health hazards. Sweeping services prevent the spread of contaminants to areas near a construction zone, resulting in a healthy community. Clean streets also enhance the lifespan of a paving project because debris can’t interfere with the results.

Improves Surface Quality

Street sweeping services make pavement as clean as possible before milling and paving begin. They also prevent foreign materials or pollutants from mixing with the new materials. This could lead to a smoother application of paving materials. Improving surface quality also reduces the possibility of potholes or pavement cracking since the surface is clean.

Saves Money and Resources

Hiring a professional street sweeping service company can help you save money and resources for your project. The sweeping machines remove road debris that would otherwise interfere with or halt your work. CPM Sweeping offers paving sweeping solutions to ensure your project stays on track.

Compliance With Regulations

Construction companies doing road maintenance have to follow EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations for emissions, dust control, and water runoff. Working with a street sweeping company can help your project follow these regulations because you’ll start with and work in a clean area.

Street sweeping services are essential for milling and paving projects. Maintenance of the construction site can increase the quality of a project, decrease safety hazards, and ensure compliance with industrial regulations. By working with a professional street sweeping service, your road construction projects will be successful.


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